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End to end event solutions team -


  • MARKETING MATERIAL - we'll create a range of publications you can utilise to promote the fun day

  • STAFFING - we are able to provide staffing for the fun day or you can utilise your team of volunteers to engage with the community and to save costs!

  • MARKETING STRATEGY - we'll work together to formulate a realistic marketing strategy

  • TICKET SALES - pre-sale wristbands are essential. We will setup online sales through our website, otherwise you can manage the online sales through your website. Benefiting from the web traffic.

As the cost of hiring activations outright can be an expensive way to run your event, we can offer an alternative with profit sharing where we take the risk! We offer between 50-100% of the total profits to your club/school/business. This is based on the sales of a pre-sale unlimited wristband and the tickets sold on the day. The packages are worked out according to the number of kids at your school/club (see samples below). We work with some realistic guidelines to help you make appropriate package selection for the number of kids. 
Sample Packages 
Number of kids – 300  Approx. 195 pre-sold wristbands @ 18.00 each ($25.00 on the day)

Soccer Bounce   Soccer Shootout  Bubble Soccer

Soccer Darts      Pool Soccer        Soccer Arena Soccer

Obstacle Course                                                                              EST Sales: $ 3,510.00  Value:   $ 3,400.00 
Number of kids – 500  Approx. 280 pre-sold wristbands @ 22.00 each ($30.00 on the day)

Soccer Bounce       Soccer Shootout   Bubble Soccer

Soccer Darts          Pool Soccer          Soccer Arena Soccer

Obstacle Course     Water Balls          Slip n Slide

Soccer Pitch Pool                                                                            EST Sales: $ 6,160.00  Value:   $ 4,650.00 
For profit share arrangements you should allow at least 3 months to begin preparations and marketing to reach expectations. Take into considerations holiday periods where you may be unable to reach the kids at your school/club. We recommend opening up your event to the local community as well to maximize your sales and attendance at your event. We are able to setup online ticket sales to assist with sales for the event as well as marketing materials. Why not invite your sponsors and/or local businesses to get involved too!





How much space is required? Ideally, 60m frontage by 40m deep. That will allow space for the traffic to flow freely between activations. If space is limited, we can be flexible and position the inflatables to suit the area, we can fit the whole package into 50m frontage by 25m deep.


​How many power outlets are needed? It depends on the package and amount of inflatables in use. For packages above, 12 single phase, 10amp outlets. If 3 phase power is available we may utilise this outlet.

What activations are included? Activations are agreed upon between on an individual basis. We will encourage the above packages listed in the sample packages, as this is likely to encourage further sales.

How much water is used? 25,000 litres for the waterballs and the water supply for the slip n slide is a slow continuous flow

Duration of the event? Our packages run from 3 - 5 hours.

What happens if the sales target is not met? We agree a realistic minimum sales target which varies for each package. If that sales target is not met, we offer the option to hire the equipment, or pay the remaining balance on the minimum sales target.

What if we sell more than the pre-sale target? Now the target has been hit, any further sales are now profit in which will be split as per agreement.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have -

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